My Work

What I Do

I can help you with everything from dreaming up a domain name for your new business to updating an existing site. Specifically, that includes domain name registration and setup, content strategy, user experience and design, development (HTML/CSS/jQuery), and search engine optimization/Google Analytics.

I believe that your website is your property, and you should have full control over it. As part of my work I include basic tutorials on any of the steps we cover so that you will feel confident taking the reins.


Who I Work With

I like to work with small and/or local, independent businesses because I believe that they are an essential part of any community. They deserve the same shot at success as major corporations.



Minnesota Center for Obesity, Metabolism and Endocrinology was my main gig. Their website hadn’t been updated since 2004, so I started there before taking on the business’ content strategy as a whole and leading their community relations. I reimagined the content and design, conducted research to corroborate my ideas, uncover new needs, and get up to speed on the industry. I reorganized the structure of the content we were going to use, and then wrote and coded everything myself with Dreamweaver and Photoshop. I also got involved in web host servers at this point; I set up a new File Transfer Protocol (FTP) for the redesigned site and then switched our host so I could use version control and Secure Shell Access (SSH) to upload files to the live site.

I launched the second redesign in the fall of 2014, which took into account a year of Google Analytics data, user research conducted with patients, and updated web design standards. You can now visit the new, and take some time to read about the redesign!


Clockwork Active Media Systems was where I interned in the first part of 2014. The best part was being able to develop my self-taught skills further than I would have just practicing on my own. On the Just a Bunch of Roadies (JABOR) project, I led the content strategy portion under my supervisor’s care and assisted with the UX portion, drawing on my background in non-profits to think about the main tasks a user would need to complete, what that user would want to know and when, and how to set the tone/style of the content. Because I have front-end development skills (coding), I also got to learn about that part of the process. While working on JABOR, I also assisted with user research and content audits for two other client projects. This helped me develop my critical thinking skills about how to proceed with each task, and then act on what I had gathered. Once JABOR was completed I was assigned as the UX team member on Nice Ride Bemidji‘s brand new website for their expansion to that city.

I became an on-call UX consultant on their internal products after the internship. I collaborated with their Front End Development Manager, writing help text and reviewing layout to ensure that user flow is optimized.



Picture This is a home decor and lifestyle boutique in Eagle River, Alaska. They decided to stop offering framing services at their shop, prompting a desire to overhaul their website. They wanted to start completely over, taking nothing from the previous site. This is always more of a challenge, so I started with a pure content focus. I audited all current content including social media, and did competitive reviews. We developed a content strategy, and then chose a design template for the site that played to this. The new Picture This site nicely plays up their remaining services, showcases their current products, and is an idea resource for users.


Health Evolution Partners invests in rapidly growing middle market companies in the health care industry. They put on a major, invite-only summit each spring. They asked me to evaluate from a user experience perspective the previous year’s invite and registration process and make recommendations to improve. I did the assessment and wrote up a report for them, covering issues in accessibility, usability, user flow, functionality, and content. Happily, they made all of the suggested changes and I completed a second evaluation for them to determine how the edits worked out.


Lumin Advantage Consulting is a woman-owned talent enhancement and organization development (OD) consulting business. They were parting ways with the company whose client portal they had always used, so they asked me to build them their own. I did it with WordPress, and redesigned their site as part of the process (since they meant to redesign anyway, and so the portal would live behind the same admin login). Lumin hadn’t ever had a content strategy so we audited what they already had, did some heavy editing to align it with the brand they wanted to project, and they reshaped it. We also evaluated their information architecture and adjusted it according to this new brand. We closed out with a two-hour orientation training on administering the site and portal. Check out the new Lumin site!