Pricing is always a tough subject because there are so many moving parts to any web services project. This makes it hard to say anything more specific than “it depends.”

What “it depends” on is largely the scope of the project and the overall deadline. This is why no one says numbers on their websites. They need to know what you’re asking for before they tell you what it costs.

My approach to minimize the feeling of risk is to offer a complimentary 1 hour consultation to discuss what’s on your mind and give both of us the chance to see if we’ll be a good fit for each other. Since I typically work with sole proprietors or small businesses on small-scale projects, we usually contract for hourly work and I build in safeguards to avoid the risks that come with that. My starting rate is $100.

If you have a larger project, we can discuss task- or project-based budgeting instead, which will also take into consideration other professionals in my network that I may call on to work with me.