About Me


I was born and raised in Minnesota, by two kinds of storytellers. My dad is the inventive kind who can make grass growing sound fascinating, and my mom is the journalist kind who can ask the right questions and write a story worth reading. I come from a family of professional wordsmiths, academics, and language lovers. Why does it matter?

Because you need good content to survive on the web, and a good strategy for that content. I’ve got you covered. Writing and words are in my genes.



So what about the other stuff? Before I entered the world of the web, I went to college and graduate school. My formal degrees (a BA and an MA) are in International Relations and Political Economy. I am well-versed in navigating competing interests to reach a common goal and keeping an eye on all the moving parts of the big picture. I also know just how important semantics are to good communication.

I have taken courses from Treehouse and Harvard Extension School in HTML/CSS/jQuery, backend programming in PHP and MySQL, and User Experience Engineering. I am also trained in WordPress development.

I interned at Clockwork Active Media Systems to sharpen my User Experience skills, and have taken courses from Women’s Coding Collective and Google Analytics Academy to formalize my search engine optimization and expand my Google Analytics skills.

You can visit My Work to learn more about my services and who I work with.